Being one of Trend Group’s founders and manager Nurhan Keeler, studied philosophy and Ancient Greek, and later lived in Athens for two years.

Nurhan Keeler also holds a Modern Greek certificate; upon returning to Turkey she worked as a professional tourist guide for two years.

She worked at Zet Research Company (today named as Nielsen Business Information) between 1991-1996, her latest position being Marketing Manager for the company.

With the reference of The Coca-Cola Company’s headquarters in Atlanta, she worked as Head of SMPRT (Strategic Marketing Presearch Research and Trends) within Coca-Cola marketing team in Turkey, between 1996 and 1999.

She was the general manager for GfK Panel research company for two years. In GfK which employed a total of 120 people at the time, she developed and managed units such as family panel, white goods panel, mobile phone panel and retail panel.

In 2001, she established Trend Group Market Research and Consultancy company and is the partner and manager since then.

She lectured at private universities on marketing, market research (Koç University) and cultural studies (Bilgi University).

Together with Yunus Erduran, she prepared and presented the program “Sence Değil Bence Değil Araştırmaca”* on Açık Radyo for two broadcasting periods..

She has been preparing and presenting the radio program ‘Evrenin Suyuna Giden Tasarım’ (Design that keeps on the right side of the universe) since the 2009 spring season.  

She lectured in 15 trend seminars and workshops in two years.

* Not according to you or to me but according to research.

Photograph: Nurhan Keeler Milan Design Fair 2008
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