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Holistic health approaches is a research that aims to understand the holistic health approaches in Turkey and in the world.

Why useful: Recently, people on the world are tending to ‘escape’. The increasing stress levels and unhealthy eating habits revive holistic approaches such as “back to the nature” and “integrity of body-mind-soul”. Organic and cosmetic foods are also essential in holistic life philosophy. Changing life styles and climate and also holistic approaches make it necessary to reconsider the consumption needs and production.

  • Face-to-face interviews with 532 people from middle to upper socio economic status in 12 cities,
  • In-depth interviews with organic and cosmetic food producers, distributors and NGO’s that are active on this field,
  • With desktop research, we gathered statistical data via scanning documents from Turkey and from the world, in order to find out about the problems in production and marketing, understand the current status and future of organic food sector in Turkey and what should be done to improve it,
  • Visits to Ecology Fairs.
Wall painting: Yigit Yazici, Photograph: Nurhan Keeler Milan Design Fair 2008
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