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World of Women research aims to understand the segments, roles and issues of women.

Why useful?: Only 20% of Turkish women participate in the work force. Home economy and children are generally women’s responsibility. Therefore, gradually women start to live for others, their children, husbands, families, without being able to express their individuality. Working women have two full time occupations, one being their job and the other their family. The roles of women change as their environment changes as a result of migration from rural to urban life and also with the change in consumption habits.

This research is important in terms of understanding women’s roles, their values and issues, eating and consumption habits, attitudes towards stress management, and thus deciding on relevant communication elements and creating projects for the women.

Method: A) Reviewing Hürriyet newspaper archives B) Renewing the World of Women research that was conducted in 2002, 2004 and 2009 by interviewing 600 women in 12 cities. C) Interviewing women from Turkey, Congo, Palestinian and Germany and talking about “which values they have learnt from previous generations and pass them onto younger generations” and trying to understand the ‘individuality of women”.
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