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Wireless Youth, is a research that revolves around young people and aims to understand youth segments and their agenda.

Why useful?: The project aims to understand the youth segments and their values, to define target groups and to select appropriate communication tools, to follow the innovations they embrace and the issues that relate to them.

Turkey has a young population. 35% of the population constitutes of 10-29 age group and the average age in this group is 23. 10-17 years of age is defined as teenagers whereas 18-26 years of age as adults.

  • Quantitative research in 12 cities with 600 young people,
  • Qualitative research with 60 young people, in which we spend a half- o a full day with them; semiology method is used to understand a day in their life, their values, their approach to friends and family, their thoughts about the present day and the future, their favourite objects, their relation with technology, music, sports and life in the city, their media consumption...
  • Newspapers dated back to 1975 are perused to understand the agenda and trends of the times,
  • Interviews with opinion leaders who share the same platform with young people.
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