We tracked the changes in Turkey in terms of values and cultural codes applying 1to1 interviews and ethnographic surveys. Beside the polarisation, we also identified the common values of different groups.

We segmented Turkish women based on values, life styles and social roles.

We identified the youth agenda and segments based on their life style and values.

We shared Trend Molecules trend report with our clients which explains Turkish and global trends together with changing culture and innovation.

We prepared a trend report for night life, and concepts regarding to night life.

We applied Big Data for two sectors based on demands and needs of the customers. After the need base segmentation we prepared concepts and strategies for each segment.

We conducted surveys for the sectors such as cell phone, food and drink, sport, construction and textile.

We organised trend walks and talks.

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Trend Group is a research agency specialized in B2B, consumer and retailer, youth, children, women, SME (small to medium size companies), financial services, social trends, futuristic trends.

Marketing Research: We employ both qualitative and quantitative methods for executing several researches, such as consumer profiling, target group segmentation, awareness, usage habits and attitudes, corporate image and brand image, customer satisfaction, creative and media planning, promotion effectiveness, factors effecting sales, product tests, concept tests, social researches and feasibility researches.

Research Consultancy and Trainings : We offer training and consultancy services on brand positioning, trends, research techniques and implementations. We occasionally cooperate with other research agencies within the framework of our consultancy and training services.

Electronic Data Gathering and Real Time Reporting over the Internet: Our clients can view the results of their advertising tracking, merchandising performance and image researches, that we gather daily via electronic media, simultaneously over the internet.

Empathic / Ethnographic Researches: Empathic researches present more profound, more satisfactory and vivid insights. In these type of researches, we become a part of the target consumer’s daily life (such as shopping, driving, watching TV, reading newspapers together with them, etc.), therefore these researches enable us to observe more and develop empathy. Various disciplines are involved in these types of researches such as philosophy (semiology), psychology, social anthropology.

Idefil Trend Tracking: We regularly conduct researches such as Values, Habitat, Wireless Youth, Take Good Care of Yourself (holistic health approaches), World of Women, in order to follow the rising trends and those trends that are especially embraced by the Turkish consumers. In addition to these researches, we also participate in design fairs and fitness festivals, and follow transactional analysis seminars. We share the latest trends through Idefil workshops.

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